London Syncope Meeting 2019 - Melvin Lobo Interview

The changing landscape of hypertension environment and its consequences for practice - EuroPCR 2017

Description: EuroPCR 2017 - Should patients be given greater choice in their hypertension therapies? What are the key elements concerning hypertension for the interventional cardiologist? F. Mahfoud and M. D. Lobo share their experience with us, underlining why accurate blood pressure measurement is essential, both in – and outside – the doctor’s office. Does the recent SPRINT really impact our daily practice? What is the optimal blood pressure target today and can we achieve it through drugs or lifestyle changes? What is the role of non-adherence, and how does it play into our need for device-based interventional strategies? Should resistant or uncontrolled hypertension be redefined? Learn more… This interview was filmed at EuroPCR 2017

How can you increase blood pressure if you have hypotension?

Description: Medication is rarely needed to treat hypotension, and there are a range of ways to manage the symptoms yourself. Blood pressure disorder specialist Professor Melvin Lobo explains what you can do.

How can you decrease your blood pressure if you have hypertension?

Description: Hypertension specialist Professor Melvin Lobo outlines the range of simple and effective measures you can take to reduce your blood pressure, which together can result in blood pressure being lowered to target levels.

What are the latest developments in the treatment of hypertension?

Description: Treatment for hypertension is at an exciting point, with a number of promising treatments going through clinical trials. Professor Melvin Lobo, pioneering cardiovascular physician, explains the latest developments, including a move towards prescribing fewer pills while maintaining the clinical effectiveness of drug treatment.

Fast heart rate when standing up? Postural tachycardia syndrome (POTS) explained

Description: A fast heart beat and dizziness without any change in blood pressure are "hallmarks" of postural tachycardia sydrome, accordng to top cardiovascular physician Professor Melvin Lobo. In our interview with Professor Lobo, he explains what symptoms to look out for and how postural tachycardia syndrome can be treated.