Postural Tachycardia Syndrome (PoTS)

Patients with PoTS often have debilitating cardiovascular symptoms that make life very difficult for them. This includes palpitations and tachycardia, chest pains, breathlessness and greatly diminished exercise capacity. Often routine cardiology tests such as Echocardiogram or tilt test are completely normal and patients are sometimes dismissed or disbelieved by their clinicians resulting in failure to progress their care.

Over the years Prof Lobo has developed substantial expertise in PoTS and is a medical advisor to the charity PoTS UK. He has evolved a network of specialists to help look after these patients who often have multisystem dysautonomia linked to joint hypermobility/Ehlers Danlos syndrome. As such experts in rheumatology, neuro-gastroenterology, neuro-urology and Dermatology (for mast cell issues) all work closely with him to provide first class care for patients with PoTS.

Prof Lobo has extensive experience of managing the cardiovascular complications of PoTS with an extensive array of both non-drug approaches as well as drug therapy when needed. In addition, he manages symptoms of fatigue & fogging, sweating issues (hyperhidrosis) and is able to refer patients onwards for help with most of the other accompanying disorders (e.g. sleep disturbance).

In order to educate the medical and lay community on the extensive clinical problems that can arise in the setting of PoTS, together with Drs Gall and Prof Lesley Kavi he has co-edited and c-authored the Textbook of PoTS, the first of its kind in the world: